2017 Schulte XH-1000 Series 4 Industrial Grade Cutter

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XH-1000 Series 4 Industrial Grade Cutter



    Key Features
    • New, extra heavy duty, high horsepower Bondioli gearboxes with new oil level sight glass and 1-3/4" input shafts and 3" (75mm) output shaft
    • New extra heavy duty Bondioli G8 drive lines
    • New high-torque wing clutches with high slip release settings ensure better performance in rough cutting
    • Single domed, sweep clean deck design eliminates excess weight over competitive double deck designs, eliminates build up of debris and prevents rusting on top side of deck
    • Tandem walking axles result in smooth operation over rough surfaces
    • Increased frame depth & blade tip speed results in a superior flow of material
    • With larger 24" aircraft tires, transport height is increased to 17.5" along with improved performance in wet conditions
    • Lower pressure 8" stroke hydraulic phasing cylinders for a level lift
    • Low maintenance Constant Velocity Tractor Shaft or Patent Pending 540rpm Equal Angle Hitch available
    • Center suspension reduces stress on tractor drawbar 3/8" thick formed deck protection rings prevent blade to deck contact
    • Double safety chains with individually replaceable links are standard equipment
    • Large high horsepower gearboxes with 1-3/4" input shafts and 2-3/8" output shafts, 260hp divider, 210hp center & wings
    • Higher slip clutch release settings than previous design ensures better performance in rough cutting
    • 1/4" thick stump jumpers with patent pending Pentagon Blade Bolt design allows cutter sections to ride over obstructions
    • Cutting width: 126 in. (3.20m)
    • Overall width: 139 in. (3.53m)
    • Overall length: 192 in. (4.88m)
    • Transport width: 88 in. (2.24m)
    • Transport height: 88 in. (2.24m)
    • Deck thickness: 7GA (3/16 in.) (4.6mm)
    • Weight, approx.: 5200 lb. (2364kg)
    • Hitch weight, approx.: 1700 lb. (773kg)
    • Minimum tractor HP: 50 HP (45kW)
    • Recommended tractor HP: 75 HP (60kW)
    • Cutting height: 1.5 to 17.5 in. (38 to 456mm)
    • Ground clearance: 17.5 in. (444mm) (with 24 in. tire)
    • Cutting capacity: 4 in. material (102mm)
    • Blade overlap: 6.5 in. (165mm)
    • Divider gearbox rating: 260 HP (194kW)
    • Centre/wing gearbox rating: 210 HP (157kW)
    • Blade tip speed: 540 RPM
    • Centre: 850 RPM, 15,743 ft./min (4884m/min)
    • Wing: 1002 RPM, 16,022 ft./min (4798m/min)
    • Wing working range: 25 deg. down to 90 deg. up



    Working Width
    126 in. (3.20m)
    139 in. (3.53m)
    192 in. (4.88m)
    5200 lb. (2364kg)

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