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Agrofarm 420 4WD



Multi-role versatility

Offering multi-role functionality and great performance at outstanding value for money, the Agrofarm 410/420/430 range is available in a variety of configurations, with two or four wheel drive and as platform or cab variants. Conceived to cater for a wide range of applications: versatility is the greatest strength of these tractors. Ideal for farms approaching mechanisation for the first time, but also as additional tractors to work alongside more powerful machines, with a low centre of gravity and integral braking, the Agrofarm range offers go-anywhere capability in complete safety, even in the roughest terrain conditions.

Engine Features
  • Unbeatable power and torque.
  • 2012 Series Deutz Euro III 4 cylinder engines combining extraordinary smoothness and low noise emissions with superb productivity and very low specific fuel consumption figures.
  • With a generous engine capacity of 4038 cc, high pressure fuel injection and turbocharged forced induction across the entire range, these engines deliver outstanding power and torque across a broad engine speed range from 1200 to 1800 rpm.
  • A flat torque curve means maximum torque is continuously available throughout the operating range, for uninterrupted productivity with improved fuel economy, lower noise emissions and less vibration.
  • The large fuel tank offers extended range.
  • With specific solutions such as an injection system with individual pumps for each injector incorporated in the cylinder block and the use a compatible materials for the components of the fuel circuit, Agrofarm engines are fully compatible with fuels containing up to 100% biodiesel.
  • For even greater simplicity and efficiency, all the radiators (for the engine coolant, fuel and transmission oil) are intelligently and rationally integrated in a single cooling assembly.
Transmission Features
  • Highly modular transmission configurations for extreme versatility.
  • The Agrofarm is offered with three different basic transmission configurations: a synchromesh gearbox with fifteen forward/reverse speeds (or twenty forward/reverse speeds with supercreeper gear); a two stage (Hi-Lo) Powershift gearbox with thirty forward/reverse speeds (or forty forward/reverse speeds with supercreeper gear); or, for the Agrofarm 430 GS, an Overspeed transmission (for a top speed of 40 Km/h at engine economy speed) with two-speed Powershift gearbox, for forty forward/reverse speeds.
  • The latter variant has been recently revised and offers five gears over four ranges (including a supercreeper range) and a mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle, for twenty forward and reverse speeds (or forty with Hi-Lo gearbox), covering a wide spectrum of ratios to cater ideally for any job. This transmission gives the tractor a range of speeds from 540 m/h to 50 Km/h (or an electronically limited 40 Km/h where required by law). The maximum road speed is reached at lower engine speeds, reducing both fuel consumption and noise, while the driver has an impressive choice of fifteen speeds within the speed range used in the majority of applications (from 4 to 15 Km/h approx.).
  • The Powershuttle hydraulic reverse shuttle on GS versions has five configurable settings, allowing the driver to adjust the responsiveness of the system during direction changes as desired.
PTO Features
  • The right PTO for every job.
  • All Agrofarm tractors offer the two standard PTO speeds (540 and 1000 rpm), while the 540ECO and 1000ECO speed modes are also available as an option for even greater versatility.
  • The desired speed mode may be preselected and activated electrohydraulically directly from the cab. Alternatively, the PTO may also be activated from remote control buttons situated on the rear mudguards.
  • DEUTZ-FAHR also offers an optional synchronised PTO with an additional independent output shaft, which may be used to power driven axle trailers.
  • Agrofarm also delivers outstanding performance with front-mounted implements. The integrated front three-point linkage has an impressive maximum lift capacity of 2000 Kg and comes complete with a 1000 rpm front PTO.
Hydraulic System Features
  • A multifunction system to cater for every possible need.
  • A self-respecting mid-power tractor must have a highly versatile hydraulic system capable of tackling a wide range of applications, and the Agrofarm delivers the goods with a 56 l/min main pump and a separate hydraulic circuit for the steering system. Agrofarm tractors are equippable with up to four hydraulic distributors (to a total of eight ways); the first three distributors are controlled from specific levers, while the fourth (with optional flow regulator) is electrohydraulically controlled. The hydraulic connectors are easily accessible and can be connected without difficulty even if the lines are pressurised. Reflecting the commitment of DEUTZ-FAHR to protecting the environment, all the hydraulic connectors are equipped with oil collection containers to recover any oil escaping when coupling or uncoupling connections.
  • The rear lift is mechanically controlled as standard, or (as an option for 430 models), electronically controlled. The electronic lift control system is particularly effective for applications where precise implement control is needed.
  • These tractors are equipped with seriously powerful rear lifts as standard, with a maximum lifting capacity of 4300, 5100 and 5300 Kg respectively for 410, 420 and 430 models, while 430 versions with the electronic lift have a maximum capacity of 6600 Kg. The optional front lift has a maximum load capacity of 2000 Kg.
Brake Features
  • Innovation at the service of safety.
  • Available as both 2WD and 4WD variants, Agrofarm tractors are equipped with independent wet disc brakes on both the front and rear axles.
  • These extremely reliable, resilient brakes require no special maintenance and ensure superlative safety even when operating at high speeds.
  • The integral braking system on Agrofarm tractors makes automatic dual traction engagement under braking unnecessary, for immediately responsive, dependable stopping power even when steering.
  • The version of the 430 GS with Overspeed transmission (with forty forward/reverse speeds) also features the innovative hydraulically operated Park Brake system.
  • Total brake control even when towing trailers: as well as pneumatic brake systems, these tractors are also available with hydraulic braking systems compliant with a wide variety of international type approval standards.
Cab Features
  • A simple but comprehensively equipped driver area for unparalleled productivity.
  • Agrofarm features a state of the art, spacious cab with a four-pillar structure conceived for superlative visibility and comfort.
  • These tractors are extremely compact, with limited overall height and extraordinary manoeuvrability. While the sloped, shaped engine cowl, the lack of B pillars, extensive glazing and (optional) panoramic roof ensure superb all-round visibility.
  • Class-beating climate control in all working conditions. In addition to an effective ventilation and heating system, all Agrofarm tractors may also be equipped with a powerful air conditioning system offered as an optional accessory.
  • The work area is conceived for maximum practicality and driver comfort: with wide-opening and sturdy slip-proof steps ensure easy access to the cab, and comfortable sprung seats (with air sprung suspension available as an option). In addition to offering an unrestricted view outside the tractor, the roomy cab interior also boasts clearly visible instrumentation and controls for complete control over the tractor in all conditions.
  • The instrumentation and controls are simple and comprehensive: all the controls are situated conveniently on the right hand side of the driver and are colour-coded for immediate identification and grouped by function.
  • The anti-glare display is clear and easy to read in all conditions and provides the driver with real-time information on the operating parameters of the tractor (tractor speed, PTO speed, working hours, total Km, etc.) in both analogue and digital format.
  • Designed with a highly modular configuration, Agrofarm tractors are also available as platform variants with a ROPS roll frame, which considerably reduces the overall height of the tractor for working in locations with limited headroom.
  • DEUTZ diesel engine Type: TCD 2012 L 04
  • Design: Turbo / liquid-cooled / high-pressure injection and intercooler
  • Maximum power (2000 / 25 EC)* kW / hp: 73 / 99
  • Speed rated rpm: 2,300
  • Cylinders / cubic capacity No. / cm3: 4 / 4,038
  • Bore / stroke mm: 101 / 126
  • Torque rise %: 35
  • Maximum torque Nm: 380
  • Constant torque range rpm: 1,400-1,700
  • Constant power range rpm: 1,800-2,300
  • Engine oil change interval: 500 h or every year**
  • Oil quantity / tank capacity l: 9 / 160
  • Use of bio-diesel: Suitable for unrestricted use of fuel in accordance with DIN EN 14214
  • Design: Integrated cab, with noise insulation, exhaust on the side of the strut
  • Specification: Sun blind, tinted windows, wiper / washer unit at front and rear, rear cable access facility, working headlamp at front and rear, interior lighting, Grammer mechanical comfort seat (with air suspension on request) with seat belt
  • Ventilation: Heater with 3-speed fan
  • Air conditioning: Front and rear windows can be tilted, A / C system on request, opening roof window on request
  • Display: Non-glare information display with digital display showing vehicle speed, speed of front / rear PTO, powershift stages, operating hours, time, etc.
Electrical System
  • Voltage V: 12
  • Battery V / Ah / A: 12 / 180 / 800
Chassis, Brakes, Steering
  • Front differential lock: 100 %, electrohydraulic activation
  • Rear differential lock: Electrohydraulic activation
  • 4-wheel drive operation: Mechanical, electrohydraulic on request
  • Service brake: Wet disc brake system on all 4 wheels
  • Steering system: Hydrostatic with separate pump (37 l)
  • Steering angle / minimum turning circle: 55° / 3.50 m
  • Trailer brake: Combined one / two line compressed air braking system on request
Working Hydraulics
  • System / oil reservoir: Open center / shared with transmission
  • Pump flow rate l / min (bar): 54 (190)
  • Available oil quantity l: 20
  • Category of 3-point hitch, rear: II / fast coupler optional
  • Maximum lift capacity kg: 5,100
  • Front hitch, cat. II: Integrated with folding lower links on request
  • Front hitch maximum lift capacity kg: 1,800
Hydraulic Remote Valves
  • No. of remote valves: 2 / 3 / 4 on request
  • Non-pressurized recirculation: Standard
  • Version: Double-acting, mechanical actuation
  • Transmission V / R: 15 / 15 or 20 / 20; 30 / 30 or 40 / 40 with Hi-Lo
  • Clutch actuation: Mechanical, electrohydraulic actuation via foot pedal and button on gear lever on request
  • Shuttle control: Mechanical with separate shifting lever on the left side, electrohydraulic Powershuttle on request
Front PTO
  • Actuation: Electrohydraulic engagement
  • Speed rpm: 1,000
  • Direction of rotation: Right in direction of travel
Rear PTO
  • Actuation: Electrohydraulic; in the cab and on the two rear mudguards
  • Ground-speed PTO: With separate PTO stub shaft on request
  • PTO speeds: 540 / 540 E / 1,000 / 1,000 E
  • Engine speed 540 / 540 E / 1,000 / 1,000 E rpm: 2,080 / 1,630 / 2,280 / 1,780
Dimensions in mm
  • Wheel base: 2,340
  • Length without lower link: 3,950
  • Overall height with A / C*: 2,790
  • Track widths: Adjustable wheel rims, track widths between 1,500 and 2,100 mm possible depending on tires
  • Minimum width: 1,957 mm with 340 / 85 R 38 tires
  • Ground clearance (with standard tires): 500
Weights in kg (40 km/h, cab)
  • Unladen weight (min-max) - Front: 1,570 - 1,930
  • Unladen weight (min-max) - Rear: 2,337 - 2,530
  • Unladen weight (min-max) - Total: 3,907 - 4,460
  • Permissible laden weight - Maximum front axle load: 3,000
  • Permissible laden weight - Maximum rear axle load: 4,800
  • Permissible laden weight - Permissible total weight: 7,200
* Basis for approval ** Engine oil change interval halved if run on bio-diesel



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
TD 2012 L 04
99 hp (73 kW)
Rated RPM
2300 rpm
Bore and Stroke
101 x 126 mm


2340 mm
2790 mm
1,957 mm
3,907 - 4,460 kg
Ground Clearance
500 mm


Fuel System
High-pressure injection
Fuel Capacity
160 L
15 / 15 or 20 / 20; 30 / 30 or 40 / 40 with Hi-Lo
Wet disc brake system on all 4 wheels
Type: Open center; Pump Output (Standard): 54 Lpm (190 bar)